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Camper Van 

Our newly converted camper van was built to handle off grid camping!  The van will have an electric generator and solar panels that will power your trip, allowing you to hear the nature you came to enjoy!

Van Build underway!! Avail Spring 2023!

Camper Van Amenities

  • Mini Fridge 

  • Coffee pot, Toaster oven combo

  • Microwave

  • 3000 Watt electric generator

  • Solar panels 

  • 30 amp park power hook up

  • Park power cord

  • 2 120v outlets / USB 

  • Roof Rack 

  • Dog ties front and back bumpers

  • Dimmable lighting 

  • Under bed storage 

  • Bed  

  • Vent fan multi speed / directional

  • Off grid power  

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